Facial Treatments and Skin Care

This luxury treatment exercises the skins epidermal junction using a unique combination for sonophoresis and iontophoresis .
Designed to repair the skins barrier, improve production of collagen and oxygenation of the skin. Ideal for Dehydration, Rosacea and mature skins

This advanced treatment assists in

$175 - Package 3 for $475

Vitamin Touch Facials

Seeking to unwind while revitalizing the skin ? This traditional Classic Facial includes all the steps. Good for all skin types.


The Glow Getter

This Dermaplane facial treatment is for the ultimate smooth canvas. Enhancing cell metabolism, improves tissue repair and promotes detoxification.
An exfoliation procedure removing the top layers of dead skin cells and velds hair on the face. Creating a smooth base for better penetration of products and perfect before a make up application. Ideal for all skin types


Hydra Facial

This 3 in 1 resurfacing dermal treatment optimizes absorption of product to plump out fine lines and hydrate the skin while safely exfoliating surface debris . Safe for all skin types and has no down time. Offering 4 different Bio infusion serums to target any common concerns.


NADO is pleased to offer complementary consultations. Getting to know you and your skin health goals is the first step in creating a plan that’s right for you. Professional Treatments paired with medical grade products is encouraged to achieve desired results.