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Chemical Skin Peels $125-$375

Different Packages Available

A chemical peel is the ultimate way to revamp your look by targeting the needs of your skin. It is designed to remove dead skin cells, revealing the fresher, healthier skin underneath.


Chemical peels are an excellent solution for those who want to improve the appearance of their skin. These treatments will remove the outer layer of your skin, which is made up entirely of dead skin cells. You won’t be harming any living tissue (removes the dead skin only), which means that your face will be left with smoother, cleaner looking skin.


Once you Book Your Appointment with NADO, we make sure that you are completely comfortable and experience little to no downtime.

Facial Peels

  • Silk Peel: $150
  • Cool Peel: $125
  • Perfect Derma Peel: $325
  • Skin 90: $375


* You can learn more about all these different skin facial treatments or peels, from our pricing page. We also have spa packages available for the above facial treatments.

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What Is A Chemical Peel exactly? A chemical peel is a procedure that uses chemicals or skin gel to remove the top layer of skin. It can be used for many facial beauty enhancements, including removing blemishes, improving the appearance of scars, treating acne or sun damage, and even reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Chemical peels are performed by Spa specialists and are safe for most skin types. Your skin can take a beating from the sun. The skin’s cells regenerate faster than any other organ in the body, but due to sun exposure it can suffer from sunspots, dark spots, freckles, and  other pigmentation problems. Chemical peels help with these issues, also reducing some blotchiness and aging.


Your skin will look younger than ever with this rejuvenate facial treatment. You can get a professional chemical peel in Port Stanley at Nado Skin & Body Spa! Underneath the layer of dead skin lies a softer, more radiant face just waiting to be seen. Enjoy our different types of chemical peels to help treat wrinkles, sunspots, aging, acne and more. 


  • Fades Blochiness & Discoloration
  • Anti-aging
  • Rejuvenates Skin Cells
  • Soothes Scarring
  • Face and Body Treatments
  • Treats acne
  • Balances skin texture
  • Minimizes pores


We provide you the most affordable Chemical Peels in Port Stanley with nothing but amazing results. Before we can go ahead with any facial skin treatments, we perform a comprehensive skin analysis for the best recommendations and overall results.

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